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When is it time to see a financial advisor? You’ve likely been successfully managing your money for decades, but certain long-term goals and life events may necessitate the integration of a professional, stepping in to assist when financial situations become too emotional, confusing, or complex to handle alone. Thanks to the rise in fee-based planning models, expert financial services are now more accessible than ever. Here are a few circumstances under which it’s best to seek out the counsel of an advisor:

When Expecting Major Life Events

Preparing for a wedding, awaiting the birth of your first child, or approaching retirement? These major life events can seriously complicate even the most careful of financial plans. A financial advisor can help you embrace the changes in your life with ease and guide you through times of transition by securing your investments, helping you plan for the future, and maximizing your returns.

When Pursuing Financial Goals

Do you want to grow your savings or set up a 529 plan for your child’s college education… but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps, you want to diversify your investment portfolio or pay off your mortgage by 2030. If you have specific, meaningful financial goals in mind, turn to a professional — a fiduciary legally obligated to put your best interests first — to help get you there.

When Ensuring Your Legacy

For many, the enduring pursuit of building and preserving wealth is for the ultimate benefit of our loved ones or chosen, beloved causes after we, eventually, pass away. Therefore, this “grand finale” of financial planning is one you’ll need to get right, ensuring you have organized your affairs for your later years and prepared for the eventual transfer of your wealth. An advisor can point you in the right direction to help you protect your assets and leave things in the right hands for the next generation.

Plan for major life events, surpass your financial goals, and safeguard your legacy with the wise counsel of a financial advisor. You’ll be glad that you did!

Our guest authors, Elizabeth McCabe and Shauna Osborne, published this article in Treesdale Life, February 2022.

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