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In today’s dynamic economy, side hustles have emerged not only as a means of creative expression but also as integral components of strategic financial planning. Beyond just fulfilling passions, these supplementary endeavors offer individuals the opportunity to bolster their income, accelerate savings, and cultivate financial independence.
Sneaker resale. Uber driving. Selling handmade jewelry. Freelance writing. What do these things my friends work in addition to their full-time day jobs—to fulfill their creative sides, delve deeper into their interests, and, of course, bring in extra money. Heralded by Forbes as the “new must-have career accessory,” the side job has become extremely popular, with tens of millions of Americans eagerly clocking back in after regular work hours. Best of all, the options are virtually limitless; if you have a passion for something, there’s likely a side hustle for it. Successful hustlers make it all work by following a few essential rules:

Focus On Your Full-time Job

We love our side hustles because they are so much fun. It’s easy to get distracted by them during regular work hours, but a side hustle, no matter how tempting, is never worth sacrificing your full-time income. When starting up a side business, your goal is to excel at both your full-time job and your side hustle. Before taking on a new venture, be sure your performance at work is already stellar.

Set "Work Hours" And Stick To Them

In the planning stages, decide how many hours per day or week you want to commit to your side hustle, write it down, and stick to it. When we’re passionate about a project, it’s easy to let it take over our free time, but the goal is to avoid taking away from our current responsibilities (e.g., relationships, exercise). Sacrifice time spent scrolling social media or watching TV first.

Consider Your Side Gig "Me Time"

The beauty of the side hustle is you get to devote your time and attention to something you choose, something you love. Not only will you feel capable and accomplished in achieving your business goals, but you’ll feel good about the time you spend on it, leaving you more personally fulfilled.

Be Ready To Hustle

Ask yourself how badly you want your venture to succeed. After all, they don’t call it a hustle for nothing! Expect to work hard, put in the hours, and hang in for the long haul, making sacrifices, sometimes painful ones, along the way. Don’t expect success overnight.

About the author: Shauna Osborne first published this article in Treesdale Life, August 2022.

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