Our Services

We are passionate about helping individuals with disabilities and their families protect their assets so that a better quality of life can be maintained through the years. We serve people with any type of disability, including physical, intellectual, and mental health.


Trust Services

A fiduciary trust is a legal arrangement where a trustee holds and manages assets on behalf of a beneficiary, with a legal duty to act in the beneficiary's best interests.


Legal guardianship is a court-approved relationship where a guardian is responsible for the care and decision-making for someone who is unable to do so.

Powers of Attorney

A written authorization that grants one person the legal authority to act on behalf of another person in specific matters or in all legal and financial matters.

Health Care Decisions

Appointed by a court, RCFS can act as a Health Care Agent (POA) or as a Health Care Representative for an individual to make certain health care decision.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid provides health insurance coverage to needy individuals and families. To be eligible, you must meet certain income and resource requirements.

SSI Rep Payee

RCFS is a one-stop resource for individuals with disabilities and their families along with the professionals who support them, including powers of attorney.

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